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In November 2010, RTT secured an additional contract to remain MTN’s South African distribution partner until at least September 2014.

Here are some current monthly MTN volume statistics:

  • Ave Waybills - 120,539
  • Ave Parcels - 157,711
  • Ave Kilograms - 1,455,871

RTT have a dedicated team of fantastic operators that support the diverse distribution requirements of MTN.

MTN operate four main channels:

  • Retail
  • Corporate
  • Connect Direct
  • Technical (Reverse Logistics)

Each MTN channel has its own unique requirements. To this end, RTT has developed a number of technology 'firsts' for MTN. The most recent of these is the hand-held delivery units which RTT has deployed for the Corporate and Connect Direct channels. With these units RTT is able to complete live, on-line delivery confirmations and MTN has been enabled to receive the delivery data necessary to meet the strict requirements of RICA Government legislation.

The success of the MTN contract rests on the shoulders of RTT's High Value Distribution Channel, led by Leonard de Bruin and Mark Allison. This team ensures that very high levels of service (in excess of 98%) are maintained on a monthly basis.

'…RTT secured an additional four and a half year contract to remain MTN’s South African distribution partner.'