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One of RTT Group’s existing Social Enterprise Development (SED) programmes, that uplifts the communities we interact with daily, is Unjani Clinic-in-a-Box. An entire clinic and dispensary in a self contained unit can be sent to any location and set up quickly to provide community access to health services.

RTT was delighted to launch our Unjani Clinic-in-a-Box programme in September 2010 at the Wattville Adult Education Centre, near Benoni. The 12-metre clinic has an outside reception area, an examination room and a dispensary for medicines at a community centre. Accessible and affordable healthcare facilities can now be set up in regions that haven’t been able to afford them before.

Clinic-in-a-Box is made in South Africa with a basic design that allows it to be put together quickly. It takes just four weeks from order to commissioning a site. Each unit is made and fitted out according to needs, delivered to site and can be up and running within one day. These units can be made in different sizes to suit the locations and services they will offer. They can include generators, toilets and water tanks and the clinics can be moved if necessary.

Each Unjani clinic has a registered nurse practitioner (who is licensed to diagnose and dispense certain medicines) and an assistant. This means that for every Unjani Clinic-in-a-Box set up, at least two jobs are created.

The main aim of the Unjani project is to provide access to affordable primary healthcare in low income communities. Currently patients have limited access to basic medicines and may have to travel long distances to reach hospitals and clinics, where doctors and nurses are already stretched.

Wattville community clinic is an RTT Group project with SANCA Horizon, the alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in Benoni. With a brass band playing at the launch, SANCA Director Sandra Pretorius, Councilor Mashini and RTT’s Dr Iain Barton provided the community with information on the project and encouragement to the staff of this innovative project.

Unjani offers healthcare workers a chance to educate local communities about healthcare and taking medicines correctly.

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“Unjani” –“How are you?”