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A dominant force in African supply chain management for over 31 years, RTT delivers over 70 000 shipments comprising over 1 million kilograms of freight each day.

With over 2,700 staff 1,000 vehicles and 250,000 m2 of warehousing, RTT is the largest courier company in Africa. RTT has deployed a footprint of world-class courier services, from 'small package' deliveries to full 'order to cash' supply chain solutions.

RTT's innovation, flexibility and best-practice standards of operation have made us the partner of choice for market leaders across sectors.

RTT assists almost 400 companies move their products and services - within South Africa, across Sub-Saharan Africa and indeed the world. Our clients source from and reach into fast changing markets. RTT's services must always adapt to assist our clients to link with their suppliers and reach their customers. In order to provide uninterrupted services, RTT ensures statutory compliance, which includes our RICA agents, Part 108 compliance and registered carrier in accordance with the Postal Regulatory Act.

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Our journey began 31 years ago with a belief in the need for agile courier services with a responsive network that allowed consolidation of storage, movement and delivery. Now in our fourth decade, the most important part of the journey is not just our next steps, but our commitment to the road ahead - the path that RTT has chosen and on which we diligently focus.

RTT owns, operates and manages its own fleet maintenance centre, which is both GM and Nissan accredited, helping optimize vehicle utilization, and eliminate vehicle down time.

RTT boast an extensive network of 31 branches, strategically placed to allow the support of our full bouquets of services. Our business is big enough to offer a world class service, and with a strategic approach to customers' needs small enough to deliver more.

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