Company Profile

Where traditional logistics companies may offer a solid logistics service, RTT has taken its service offering far beyond that.

The rules of the game have changed forever

In an industry such as logistics, it’s rare for a defining value to be anything other than price. The reason isn’t a lack of innovation or new thinking, but simply the fact that often the massive extra value on offer hasn’t been clearly articulated.

RTT’s Intelligent Logistics, comprising a range of unique, specialised and pioneering expertise, makes that point clear. For RTT, these things – including an internationally heralded supply chain solution, which delivers significant cost and efficiency benefits by providing unprecedented visibility to its customers of their own supply chains, and unique risk management measures, which are hugely effective in protecting its customers’ assets – are the fundamentals that are already driving its customers into new territory. They’re the things that customers typically don’t know that they can have; don’t know that they exist and don’t realise even if they do. RTT is the only logistics company in SA which can offer this.

For RTT’s customers, the rules of the game have changed forever. Where traditional logistics companies may offer a solid logistics service, RTT has taken its service offering far beyond that. Intelligent Logistics is about leveraging the information of intelligence generated by the core function of transportation and logistics.

Recognise & Reward

RTT value independent thinking and entrepreneurialship

RTT celebrates our valued employees with our distinct recognise and reward culture. People are our greatest asset and at RTT we encourage cross-learning opportunities to work on projects and make a real contribution to developing the business. Our hands on policy offers our employees unlimited access to senior management and senior managers are encouraged to mentor and guide their employees.

RTT recognise and reward those who, through exceptional effort and attitude, contribute to the success of the company. Our mission statement, as part of our corporate DNA and culture; host an annual Awards Event which is the culmination of the RTT Recognition and Reward Program which consists of diverse award categories that represent every aspect of our business and reflects all of our valued employees.

Our Recognise and Reward Program positively reinforces excellence in behaviours and performance and supports our culture of performance excellence.

RTT has created a powerful culture of appreciation and our Program ensures that we 'catch someone doing good'...

RTT For Madiba

Greener Tomorrow

What we do now, we hope others will do in the future.

The RTT Group continuously seek to minimise our impact on the environment and to operate in a responsible and conscious manner. RTT's concept of sustainability extends not just to the environment, but also to the economic and social context of the organisation. Our company is passionately committed to improving our environmental management and reducing our carbon footprint. We have made substantial investment in terms of staff time and financial resources to ensure that we have an effective carbon reduction strategy in place and working successfully.

RTT has embarked on replacing its fleet with the euro compliant motors. Furthermore, our route planning and optimisation program has resulted in a significant reduction in fuel usage. Our delivery footprint is continuously analysed where we can apply best vehicle utilisation to carry capacity. With reference to our driver training program, this contributes to fuel efficiency and reduction and downtime. In terms of promotion of environmental values across the workforce, RTT continuously consider resource utilisation (primarily office supplies), green buildings and office-related waste as important issues for our business. FY13 brought further improvement in our environmental processes. We focus on obtaining a better understanding of our emissions and data sources in the locations in which we operate. Our branches have engaged with staff on implementing behavioural change campaigns, and we are working on our best practice approach using proven methodology.

Passionate, energetic and engaged employees nationally continue to successfully champion local environmental improvement initiatives throughout our business on a national basis.

RTT Cares

RTT has over the past years believed and contributed significantly to disadvantaged communities which ties into its corporate philosophy. RTT remains committed to its role as a responsible corporate citizen towards its stakeholders and the communities within which it operates. Accordingly, the group is committed to playing a role in the development of a market democracy which is characterised by sustainable development in aligning its vision and mission statements to that of its performance as a corporate citizen.

RTT Sweetwater Home

Dedicated to the vision of our Founder and Shareholders; The Sweet Water project has been established to deliver meaningful change to orphans form previous disadvantage communities. RTT will change the lives and futures of 12 young boys between the ages of 3 and 10, nurturing them from childhood into adulthood. The children are assessed by Impilo, a registered NPO and the initiative will provide two houses; each with foster parent/s who will be responsible for the stimulation, care and integration in the home of the young boys.

The boys will become a family unit amongst themselves and be provided with a stable, consistent and long term nurturing care. Our vision is to provide the boys with the opportunity for schooling and further studies as well as an opportunity for employment within the RTT Company.

RTT Precious Cargo Educare Centre

HIV/AIDS Programme

Commitment to corporate social responsibility is an important element of good corporate citizenship, alongside sustainability and good governance. Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a fundamental philosophy within the RTT Group, it is considered a tangible management function, with a strong focus on specific projects close to the heart of both management and employees alike.

Our charitable donations are geared towards issues of importance to our staff. As an employer in the Transport sector, RTT recognises its role in challenging the impact of HIV/Aids on its employees and their families. RTT realised at an early stage the heavy toll that the disease could take on it most precious resource - its employees - if left unchecked. People are at the heart of our business and only through people can we achieve success. Accordingly, RTT has been involved in an intensive HIV/Aids programme in all divisions and at all levels of staff since 2005.

The HIV/Aids programme has been well accepted by staff & from a business point of view yielded some positive results in terms of creating that awareness amongst staff members whilst at the same time ensuring that we have healthy staff members that are fully productive and are rendering an excellent service for the business.

Find health and harmony in body, mind and spirit.

RTT officially opened its Wellness Centre on the 1st July 2014 by The Group CEO, Freddy Moore; COO Tommy Erasmus and RTT Managing Director Nathaniel Ballakistein. The aim of our Wellness Centre is to assist all RTT Employees to detect, monitor and manage all chronic illnesses; for example Diabetes, Hypertension and HIV. Our Wellness Centre also offers vision screening to all staff as well as a counselling service. The centre is part of a comprehensive companywide initiative designed to increase employee focus on wellness and prevention.

BBBEE Level 2 Contributor

RTT is committed to implementing the seven element BBBEE scorecard. Over the next three to five years RTT intends to progressively improve its contribution to BBBEE and align with the increased targets of the Transport and Road freight subsector Charter by 2016. Our strategy for transformation aims to improve the HR element scores through initiatives that promote improvements in the representation of the designated group primarily in the Top, Senior, Middle management and junior management profile. Such initiatives will include but will not be limited to diversity awareness drive, Leadership programs, targeted recruitment and training supported by a specific EE and AA plan.

The Group intends to sustain and improve its BEE supplier profile relationship through specific procurement strategies when entering into new or extending supplier contracts and to engage Black and Black Women owned businesses, particularly QSEs and EMEs.

In the spirit of broad based impact of our contribution to empowerment, RTT is proud to announce that the RTT BEE Trust that has been set up recently, is fully operational; and that efforts of the RTT Foundation and initiatives of the RTT Group Wellness Programme deliver meaningful change and uplift the quality of life of the targeted beneficiary communities and groups through the engagement of and partnerships with both RTT’s internal and external stakeholders. Our wellness programme specifically address the Transport Industry challenge of HIV and AIDS through awareness and education, testing and counselling and where required, patient management.

Corporate DNA

RTT’s corporate culture, its DNA is the thread woven throughout all the companies’ actions and decisions. The RTT Group’s DNA is alive and embodied through its mission statement. The core values combined with The RTT Group Code of Business Conduct to provide a framework for ethical and honest business; this is a philosophy and a service commitment that we take pride in.

Our employees, all 5,000 of them, are the most valuable asset we have, and the diversity they represent is one of our greatest strengths. Their ideas, beliefs and unique point of view make a tremendous contribution to the strength in their individual areas of expertise and to the company as a whole. We have a strong commitment to continuous learning at all levels. Our talent development programs identify, develop and assist future leaders, helping them pursue opportunities available across our company.

Our Group provides the foundation our valued employee’s need - the facilities, the culture and the resources to achieve their potential. Flexibility is part of our corporate DNA, along with accountability. Professionalism, respect and perseverance are the core values that flow through everything we do. As part of The RTT Group, our valued employees and customers are part of a dedicated team - valued for the strengths and knowledge transfer they bring. The RTT Group’s corporate culture and mission statement reflects all the core values that our valued customers uphold as part of their global principles and beliefs.

To Recognise & Reward those, who through exceptional effort & attitude, contribute to the success of the company.

Group Quality Assurance

RTT’s Management Systems and Operational Processes are well entrenched and mature. The systems and processes are subjected to continual assessment, audit and review. The details of our QMS are well documented in our Quality Management System which includes the measures of control over operational processes, change, non-conformance, CAPA and review, management of risk and analysis of data. Our major clients have seen these systems develop and mature over the period of the business association with RTT. RTT’s process management and QMS ensures requirements for facilities, resources, equipment, process control, IT, QA, Warehouse operations, Customer service, Key accounts, debtors, creditors and risk, security, HR and client requirements are managed and maintained to an international benchmark level. Scheduled self-audits and internal audits form the backbone of ensuring processes are compliant and act as a tool for continual review.

Risk management forms an integral process which ensures all known possibilities for failure are addressed and documented and corrective measures are put in place to minimise these potential risks. The RTT Group has developed a sound Business Continuity Plan which ensures levels of service are maintained in the event of a failure or emergency. Contingency (and risk) around critical equipment has been implemented, back-up equipment is fail-over tested on a scheduled basis. Risk (Loss Control) assessments are conducted and findings are investigated, actioned and closed.

Continual improvement initiatives have improved on process efficiencies and controls, whilst our internal process training program has ensure process knowledge and operator understanding is evident throughout our facilities.

Health & Safety Environment

In line with the statutory responsibility, RTT ensure compliance with the requirements of the South Africa Occupational, Health and Safety Act No.85 of 1993.

The RTT Group’s published OHS and Environment Policies and agreed Environmental Sustainability frameworks are available on request for reference. RTT fully understand that effective safety and health management promotes business efficiency. RTT are committed to ensuring that, as far as is reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare of our valued employees is managed in such a way as to ensure their safety, health and welfare. This requires that we remain proactive in managing our safety, health and welfare responsibilities and deal with them in a systematic way. RTT have an integral commitment to the health and safety of their employees and provides assurance to customers and management that legal compliance is effectively managed.

The RTT Safety Management System ensures full compliance to the Occupational Health & Safety Act, and all other relevant legislation that may be applicable to the operations and functions of RTT. RTT is committed to continual improvement and growth within the implemented Safety Management program. This ensures continual compliance to relevant legislation, Municipal By-laws, International Standards and Customer Requirements. This is an on-going process and maintained on a daily basis.

Our goal is to reduce consumption of natural resources, waste and pollution, to effectively re-use what we have, to recycle everything we can, to purchase and consume environmentally friendly products, and to comply with and where possible, exceed environmental regulations. RTT Intelligent Logistics is committed to sustainability and understands its role as a responsible organisation to its staff, supply chain and to the community within which we operate.

RTT is the current holder of the 2013 Green Supply Chain for “Best in class”. As a Certified Green Business, RTT will continue to roll-out our ACSA Park model to its business units across SA so that they all perform to the same standard.

RTT will continue to shift its attention from green practices to policy as well as procurement based initiatives.

Ethos Private Equity

A private equity consortium, led by Ethos Private Equity has acquired The RTT Group. Other key shareholders in the consortium are African Development Partners II, a private equity fund advised by Development Partners International (DPI) and the Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF), represented by the Public Investment Corporation (PIC). RTT’s current senior management team and our BBEE staff trust hold the remainder of RTT’s share capital.

Founded in 1984, Ethos has been in the business of private equity for 30 years. They pioneered South African private equity, concluding the first private equity-led acquisitions in the country, and have invested in over 100 companies. Extensive local networks coupled with international reach epitomise their premier franchise. Ethos is independently owned and managed by their investment professionals. As a management-driven firm, Ethos’ interests are aligned with its stakeholders.

Development Partners International LLP

Development Partners International LLP (“DPI”) together with its associates is a leading pan-African private equity group founded in 2007 to source, implement and manage private equity investments in Africa.

DPI’s team has extensive hands-on private equity and investment experience across Africa since 1990, with combined African investment experience of over 80 years. DPI combines a value investing orientation with a disciplined, process-led investment style, uncovering unique and exclusive investment opportunities in rapid growth economies and sectors throughout Africa. DPI is an engaged investor working closely with portfolio companies in order to create value.

DPI currently advises two pan-African private equity funds, African Development Partners I and African Development Partners II.

Public Investment Corporation

Established in 1911, the Public Investment Corporation (SOC) Limited is one of the largest investment managers in Africa today, managing assets of over R1.4 trillion and still growing. The PIC, a registered financial services provider, wholly owned by the South African Government, with the Minister of Finance as shareholder representative.

The PIC invests funds on behalf of public sector entities, based on investment mandates set by each of these clients and approved by the Financial Services Board (FSB). PIC’s clients are mostly public sector entities including the Government Employees Pension Fund, which contribute 90% of the funds that PIC manages.

The PIC’s goal is to not only meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations and our shareholder’s investment objectives through thorough research, careful risk analysis and stringent compliance