RTT Style is behind the best dressed shelves in South Africa

RTT Style, Making Fashion Moments Happen!

RTT Style was acquired in 2006 by the RTT Group. The division compliments the group by offering Logistics and Supply Chain Services to the Fashion, Footwear and Lifestyle Industry. We are the largest Fashion Distributor in Sub Saharan Africa. RTT Style offers a full end to end supply chain, cutting lead times, reducing inventory costs and distribution service for last mile delivery.

RTT Style began trading in 1996 with two core clients, and has subsequently evolved into what now has become a prominent force in the fashion, footwear, and retail lifestyle sector, encompassing upward of 100 customers, a number which is growing on a daily basis. With hubs located in all the major centres throughout South Africa, our dynamic footprint ensures ease of distribution. Our ever expanding growth and success has seen the evolution of service delivery, from simple road freight transportation into a broader African footprint with a range of services relevant to the fashion and footwear retail industries. Our service offering, coupled with our "can do" attitude, have translated into superior service delivery setting the benchmark for the fashion, footwear and lifestyle retail sectors.

Value Added Services

SiteLite Enterprise

SiteLite Enterprise (SLe) is a complete transport management system that has been custom written from the ground up by the internal resources specifically to cater for all our distribution companies client needs. The system provides both staff and clients access to the basic functions of track and trace, either directly through the SLe front-end application as well as through the web based query application. The system also provides for simplistic billing and for a vast range of reports, varying from the operational performance reports to distribution analysis.

In-house Programme Capabilities

The in-house system that runs at the customer's site is the exact replica of the main system which we run, and as such any enhancements occurring on the main system will automatically be replicated on the in house system.

Style Services

Outbound Logistics

Speed to market, flexibility, and innovation are important tools for providing competitive advantage. Our clients have a fully integrated system with RTT Style. Collections are booked and subsequently actioned from the various customers on an on-going basis. These collections are then routed through our network hubs, undergoing the process of sorting, documenting and scanning onto our live systems. Once completed packages are then routed for delivery either to stores or distribution centre’s (DC’s) across the country. With an emphasis being placed on service delivery, our dedicated teams adapt a proactive response, which highlights transparency throughout. Our seamless process from collection to Proof Of Delivery (POD) is monitored by dedicated staff members.

Internal Branch Transfers (IBTs)

The need to have your stock transferred from one store to another is a demand which we as a supplier understand. Collection teams are on hand to action daily collections from all stores across the country. These collections are then dispatched to the nearest hub and processed by client specifications. Once sorted and documented in our hubs, these IBT’s are then routed to the various store branches were the stock is required.

Airfreight (Door to door deliveries overnight, same day, or specified time deliveries)

The need to breech the market at the drop of the hat is often a requirement for many customers. Understanding that need, we are able to offer an airfreight services to all clients through the RTT Group.

Distribution Centre Bookings

Having the right package, at the right place, at the right time. Our team of dedicated personnel is able to ensure that your exact specifications are met in a timeous fashion. Bookings are time specific, by colour, by size, as well as by brand specification, are but a few of the requirements which we at RTT Style have perfected over the last 16 years, establishing us as an ideal partner to most retailers.

Recalls / Hanger Returns

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. In an era where cost saving implications translates into every environment, the need to re-use is imperative. Our service offering has the ability to collect, on a daily basis, hangers from all stores and deliver these back to the DC’s for reuse in the next transaction, and in so doing translate into a cost reduction for the client.

Cross Docking Services (De Stuffing Containers)

The services of Cross Docking through RTT Styles hubs, de-stuffing containers, and repackaging and direct distribution, affords our clients the advantage of eliminating the need for additional warehousing as well as demurrage fees incurred in container maintenance.

Cross Border / Clearing and Forwarding

With our ever increasing global footprint, we are able to offer the convenience of a one stop shop supplier by offering a cross border and Clearing and Forwarding service option by sea, air, and road freight. Our cross boarder department consists of a dedicated team with years of cumulative experience between them. Our coverage spans across the BLNS countries (Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho) with service delivery on a daily basis. Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe are serviced on a weekly basis, however should the need arise, the option of a dedicated vehicle is provided on demand.

Value Adds

  • Facilitation of the SADEC process inclusive of SADEC Documents on a weekly basis
  • Full facilitation of duty call back process
  • Return of documentation
  • Daily tracking updates
  • Customs clearance and duties into country of final destination