About RTT

In an industry such as logistics, it’s rare for a defining value to be anything other than price.

In business, differentiation is key

Established in June 1980, The RTT Group has gained tremendous experience and insight into a multitude of markets over the last 33 years, which has positioned the business to address custom specific channel supply chain models across all industries.

The Company is a mature business with longevity and the relationships with our customers are built on shared ownership of the results that are being pursued together. Our business relationships are built on trust which enables transparency and shared information. By providing access to this information; RTT remain a strategic partner, thinking ahead, identifying ways to add additional value, and participating as part of our customer’s ‘team’.

Today's trading is becoming increasingly dynamic and volatile, as client and consumers become more sophisticated, they demand the right product, at the right time, at the right price and at the right place.

Whereas quality was the competitive weapon of the past, customer responsiveness, or time-to-market is the differentiator today. Given the complexity of a typical supply chain processes; correct supply chain planning enables companies to intelligently manage the activities of the total supply chain. RTT have been an industry leader in specialised supply chain solutions including highly focused areas of the complex retail models. The time and depth spent and the investments made into the retail models have become strategic to our client and customer partnerships. RTT understands our diverse client base’s strategic focus areas of cost efficiency, improved service with all initiatives focused on fit-for-purpose solutions. Supply chains in Africa face significant challenges to security of product and intellectual property.

Core Fundamentals

As a core fundamental of the business, RTT recognises the importance of basic logistics and transportation and ensuring that its modern fleet of over 1 200 excellently maintained vehicles, its highly-motivated team in excess of 4 200 staff whose bedrock is the ‘Mission Possible’, ‘Recognise’ and ‘Reward’ culture of RTT and its 450 000 m² of built-for-purpose warehouse space are always at a standard which RTT can confidently call state of the art.

Today, RTT delivers in excess of 90 000 shipments comprising well over 1 million kilograms of freight every day and has mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with market leaders across industries including telecoms, consumer electronics, automotive, fashion and lifestyle, risk and security as well as Africa reach. provides intelligent, innovative and tailor-made solutions in specific client channels that demand high specialisation. RTT has developed essential logistics support partnerships through in-house applications with market leaders encompassing a wide variety of industry sectors as well as product categories.

24/7 Deliveries

Through the developments RTT has made with its Intelligent Logistics information systems, it was able to define where the shortfalls were in its own network and leapfrog the competition by filling in those gaps.

Among the infrastructure increases are new branches in strategic places, enabling a total end-to-end service without the requirement for third party providers. New branches in smaller areas such as Welkom, Beaufort West, Kokstad and Mthatha are able to increase the service delivery and extend the national footprint to a total of 42 wholly-owned and operated branches in South Africa. Ensuring that the customer’s freight is handled in the RTT infrastructure and risk management process throughout the delivery cycle. RTT’s forward thinking and planning is the expansion of future branches nationally into smaller or rural areas where customers have identified an opportunity for expansion and growth in their markets.


When you’re fanatical about the safe and efficient delivery of your customers’ goods, risk management is a non-negotiable. But what isn’t known is the level of unique innovation which has gone into RTT’s approach to safeguard the freight and other products entrusted to it.

RTT is therefore the benchmark of loss ratio measurement in the transport logistics industry in SA, as judged by leading insurance companies and brokers.

Risk management and Freight protection is a foremost CORNER STONE in our quadrate of key service offering driven by Industry First initiatives; results driven outcomes that our opposition follow. Risk Services is not a marketing or advertising function - It is as absolute function and an extension of our operational alignment to freight services.

RTT is amongst its competitors, the current market leader with infrastructure and first to market initiatives that is custom designed to render RTT a world class pro-active and re-active security division with intensive dogmatic investigative capabilities, coupled with on-going research, analysis, and a culture of zero tolerance to crime. RTT Risk has a National footprint. RTT Risk is accredited with SAPS (South African Police Service) and PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulating Authority) to own, issue and use most calibre fire arms. RTT was first to market with a number of freight protection initiatives, one of which is the deployment of high performance vehicles staffed with armed escort personnel, fully satellite tracked and in constant contact with RTT’s radio control room.

Supply Chain

RTT’s web-based INsite software, which the company won an international award for infrastructure design from Hewlett-Packard in Germany in 2012, is uniquely able to extend customer supply chain visibility in real-time. INsite converts supply chain data into relevant and business-critical information used to make business decisions to increase efficiency, save money and enable the generation of additional revenue. Traditionally, the view provided by logistics companies is after-the-fact, meaning that companies can see limited information such as which deliveries were made and which were not, but only at the end of the cycle. Additionally, that view is only of the last mile. Supply chain management is truly valuable if it is end-to-end, and INsite provides this in real time. To develop this remarkable web-based solution and be able to customise it for its customers, RTT has created a professional team of business, IT implementation and project engineers, transforming along the way, the unique value it can offer customers.

For example, RTT has created full backward integration in order to give the customer a 360-degree view of their business. The minute an order hits the customer’s platform, RTT has visibility and can measure how long it takes to get to the customer in hours.

Through such analysis, it is able to identify points where improvements can be made across the customer’s supply chain from tracking sales, inbound and outbound logistics processes, to debtors that are outstanding. Through specific modules, detailed real-time reporting includes supply chain life cycle, inbound logistics, warehousing, outbound logistics, reverse logistics, debtors supply chain and key performance indicators (KPI), with regard to delivery conformance time against service level agreements.