Diversity is about people and the spectrum of differences and similarities of the human experience. These differences, whether it be race, gender, nationality, education, experience and values, add to our uniqueness and our individual ability to contribute to the success of our clients’ operations.

At RTT we are passionate about creating and driving the transformation journey for our business by evaluating further opportunities that will take us into the next phase of our transformation journey. We believe that through collaboration, we can champion transformation initiatives, create more opportunities for all individuals, and deliver value to customers, clients and suppliers.

Supply chain activities are significant in the procurement process. As a logistics specialist, it is imperative for us to walk alongside our clientson their Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) compliance journey in their effort to serve their customers. We consider this as a natural extension of our involvement with clients.

RTT Group is a certified level 2 B-BBEE contributor. Our approach to B-BBEE has always been to be proactive and collaborative, and we constantly strive to work with all of our stakeholders – including clients, partners, suppliers, the public sector and Government for mutual benefit.