RTT - Where you belong

RTT - Where you belong

RTT’s corporate culture, its DNA is the thread woven throughout all the companies’ actions and decisions. The RTT Group’s DNA is alive and embodied through its mission statement:
To recognise and reward those, who through exceptional effort and attitude, contribute to the success of the company.

The core values combined with The RTT Group Code of Business Conduct to provide a framework for ethical and honest business; this is a philosophy and a service commitment that we take pride in. Our employees, all 5,000 of them, are the most valuable asset we have, and the diversity they represent is one of our greatest strengths. Their ideas, beliefs and unique point of view make a tremendous contribution to the strength in their individual areas of expertise and to the company as a whole. We have a strong commitment to continuous learning at all levels. Our talent development programs identify, develop and assist future leaders, helping them pursue opportunities available across our company.

Our Group provides the foundation our valued employee’s need - the facilities, the culture and the resources to achieve their potential. Flexibility is part of our corporate DNA, along with accountability. Professionalism, respect and perseverance are the core values that flow through everything we do. As part of The RTT Group, our valued employees and customers are part of a dedicated team - valued for the strengths and knowledge transfer they bring.

Your Future - The Intelligent Choice

Be the creator of your own future by joining The RTT Group Graduate Program. Your chance to work on real projects, learn about our Industry and see how we're meeting the Continent's growing supply chain needs. Our Graduate Program aims to attract, develop and promote top talent from both within and outside of our Group, enhancing the candidate pipeline for leadership positions. The program consists of experienced RTT staff with demonstrated outstanding results, competencies, education and leadership behaviours, as well as an interest in driving innovation throughout RTT.

Working side by side with Mentors and highly specialised teams, you will have the chance to work in projects that touch every aspect of our business and make a meaningful contribution right from the beginning of your RTT journey. So while honing your skills in your chosen field; you will also gain a broad insight into our entire business and its many exciting possibilities. Giving you the opportunity to learn while establishing working relationships with future colleagues and mentors.

The RTT Group is offering positions in their Graduate Program. This is a one year program and is designed to provide accelerated training to graduates in order to be integrated into the business environment. NB: We are currently only appointing South African citizens studying or qualified at a South African university. We are also looking for eager to learn and positive individuals with a desire to grow personally and professionally. You must be studying or have just qualified in a degree with a minimum academic average of 65%+ and you must be skilled in terms of written and verbal communication.

RTT Group CEO’s Philosophy

What’s your secret to growing people?

We have a very strong ethos at RTT that we create the environment where our people can grow and be individually successful. And it’s not passive either; we go looking for those people who have the attitude and ability and are prepared to put in the extra effort. Very simply, if you deliver in this business, this business will in turn look after you.

What’s your secret to growing your business?

Innovate, but never forget to stick to your basics. We are constantly innovating, moving the business towards this concept we call Intelligent Logistics which has required a very big investment in forward-looking technology which is absolutely market leading. In fact in 2012 we won an international award for infrastructure design from Hewlett-Packard in Germany for the software we have developed. But I am adamant that fundamental part of our business has never changed. If you’ve got the right people, culture and attitude and you can put them together with the right technology and innovation, you’ve got a winning combination and that is what we have at RTT.

What’s your secret to motivating people?

We’ve identified within our business that we have individual high performers who want to constantly hunt and bring in business and our commission structure encourages them to do that. We believe in rewarding high performance into the future.

We also encourage individuals who have the aspiration and the talent to become leaders and sales managers of our sales teams and we work with them to design a career path – do they want to go into general management or specifically into sales management – and then send them on training to acquire the skills they need to be able to fulfil those career objectives. In this way, they are also able to add value to the business with new thinking for example on how to manage people.