RTT understands and appreciates that customer excellence is part of your total brand experience.

Full Customer Experience

RTT continues to develop and innovate more than just fine distribution and industry specific optimisation initiatives – we have been defining and creating strategic value in the supply chain model overall.

RTT understand and appreciate that customer excellence is part of your total brand experience. It inspires loyalty - and, thus, on-going sales and greater growth. RTT provides specialised expertise tailored to our client’s needs and our experienced national team is available to help, analyse and evaluate your needs. After implementation, they manage the process on a daily basis, always in the spirit of the full customer experience. RTT are committed to the importance of reinvention and intrinsically understand that the ability to change is one of the biggest indicators for RTT’s success.

The RTT Group are a complete service and systems integration, the unique differentiator in our Intelligent Logistics portfolio including but not limited to distribution to all local, main and outlying customers; cross-border deliveries in neighbouring services and returns logistics for backdoor rejections and upliftments. RTT share long-standing, successful strategic partnerships with their valued customers. With the implementation of a number industry leading innovations that significantly contribute to their customer’s ability to develop business within untapped consumer markets, competitively gain new business from opposition and profitably secure their current customer base. These initiatives allow RTT and their customers to operate as partnerships with agility in an ever changing economic and business climate; with efficiency and profitability. RTT specialised daily operations caters for multiple solutions geared towards specific delivery types as well as accommodating current structures to deliver a best-in-customer experience.

Road Freight Distribution

RTT distributes Road freight to all major centres throughout South Africa within 24 to 48 hours. An additional 24-48 hours is allowed for deliveries to outlying areas, depending on the location. RTT provides services to many key industrial sectors in South Africa.

To protect the interests of all customers, state-of-the-art internal security systems are in place and are monitored constantly.

  • Established National Delivery footprint
  • Service Flexibility
  • Consistency of service delay
  • IT / Reporting
  • Service Diverse Market
  • Ability to service multi-channelled distribution requirements
  • Ability to move a diverse range of cargo

Moving into Africa

RTT have been strong into providing distribution to our neighbouring countries and have provided significant footprint and regular service on a maintained routine scheduled basis. The over border strategy has been a focus point for over 10 years and from this we have learnt process and knowhow into the immediate Africa Network. Our strategic relationships with our clients have allowed us closer operational knowhow with various in countries requirements – controls, border regulations, import records and entity structures.

RTT believe we are more than just a local supply chain operation – that in fact our abilities and schooling around the over border strategy together with our partnership experiences, put us firmly into the extended reach of capabilities into Central/East and West Africa. RTT has been evolving into the African network since 2005 and has had the strategic support of the group’s executive committee since the onset. RTT believe that the route to African is by proving and creating collaborative distribution footprints with local and international partners.

Our hubs into Africa will and have been offering ISO compliance, that meet all the requirements for best practice distribution of high value and high risk products, including secure management of hazardous materials, cutting-edge technology systems with advanced track and trace capacity, and business intelligent reporting. The various Hubs into Africa facilitate investment in local communities through RTT's policy of skills training, job creation, outsourcing to local service providers and leveraging opportunities to develop the commercial sustainability of each region and Hub.

Africa has untapped potential

Specialised Retail Distribution

RTT has met the market demands by developing a specific method and business model with people, systems and operations to satisfy supplier demands in the retail sector and accommodate the tremendous growth in volume of goods moving through this supply chain.

  • Pod Management
  • Schedules and bookings
  • National Footprint
  • Reverse Logistics focus
  • Dedicated delivering fleet
  • Relationship directly with the Retail Trade
  • Existing customer profile allows RTT to service all areas of the organised retail sector
  • Has operating capacity

Business and Network Infrastructure

RTT operates on a Hub and Spoke System, with main centre branches and satellite hubs servicing the outlying towns. Over 5 000 people are employed countrywide. RTT's network has expanded from 32 to 42 facilities across South Africa during the recent past. This is due to consumer distribution focusing heavily on access to previous markets which have not been serviced. By the same token retailers have extended their stores into outlying areas and RTT has been adjusting our network to our client’s requirements. These hubs are all owned, managed and operated by RTT with our employees. This network enables RTT to distribute with a highly controlled network, have seamless supply chain visibility and access all areas within the country at a faster rate and lower cost than our competitors. It is RTT's intention to extend our network to additional outlying facilities where accessibility to consumer focused clients is key to their sales and service success.

The fleet comprises 1192 vehicles inclusive of an Owner Driver Scheme. These range from 1 - toners to 32 metre super-links, closed vehicles, flat decks, curtain-sided trucks as well as customised trailers to suit our client’s specific requirements.

The increase in demand for distribution to surrounding international countries led to the establishment of an infrastructure to service Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland. R350 million has been invested in new distribution hubs in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban to provide increased operating capacity and support projected growth. As part of a wider group initiative, substantial investment is being deployed in East, West and Central Africa.

High Value Distribution Centre

  • Time specific deliveries
  • Loading own AYY’s
  • TBS Division
  • Pricing Matrix (No flat rate)
  • National footprint
  • Credit Card Division
  • Quick response same day delivery
  • Project Rollouts
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Closed Distribution Solutions
  • Tailored logistics solutions

Supply Chain Solutions - Contract Logistics

This value-added service includes:

  • Consultancy
  • Management and optimisation of the logistics function
  • Supply chain design and related services
  • Supply chain management from receipt to final delivery
  • On-site warehouse management and receipt of stock from production
  • External dedicated and/or shared warehousing facilities
  • Management of factory and warehouse inventory
  • Implementation and management of WMS systems
  • Local distribution management through the RTT network
  • Dedicated transport and closed distribution solutions
  • Long-distance transport
  • Home delivery network solutions
  • Order entry and tracking

For the customer’s benefit we also provide specialised pharmaceutical, FMCG and Bond-Store warehousing facilities.

Value Added Services

The importance of ‘just-in-time’ as a competitive weapon has been recognised for some time. The ability to be able to meet the demands of customers for ever-shorter delivery times and to ensure that supply can be synchronised to meet the peaks and troughs of demand is clearly of critical importance in this era of time-based competition. To become more responsive to the needs of the market requires more than speed, it also requires a high level of manoeuvrability that RTT will be able to provide through its strategic branch network. To be truly effective RTT's supply chain must possess a number of distinguishing characteristics. Firstly, that RTT is supply chain market sensitive.

By market sensitive it means that the RTT supply chain is capable of reading and responding to real demand. Secondly, most organisations are forecast-driven rather than demand-driven. In other words because they have little direct feed-forward from the marketplace by way of data on actual customer requirements they are forced to make forecasts based upon past sales or shipments and convert these forecasts into inventory. Shared information between supply chain partners can only be fully leveraged through process integration.By process integration is meant collaborative working between buyers and suppliers, joint product development, common systems and shared information.

This form of co-operation in the supply chain is becoming ever more prevalent as companies focus on managing their core competencies and outsource all other activities.

Whereas quality was the competitive weapon of the past, customer responsiveness, or time-to-market is the differentiator today.


The past decade saw RTT extending our service offering beyond that of distribution. A number of customers who view warehousing as non-core or who do not have sufficient volumes to justify their own warehouse, have approached RTT to warehouse on their behalf. RTT has since made a significant R350m investment in warehousing software and constructed a new 15 000 m² facility in Olifantsfontein, Johannesburg. The benefit of outsourced warehousing with RTT has shown reduced lead times, improved service levels, accuracy and reduced stock losses whilst reducing costs.Distribution is not a core activity of many clients operations and outsourcing to RTT allows our customers to utilise a well-managed distribution operation with highly skilled, specialised, committed and high morale staff, an optimally capitalised and maintained fleet, resulting in reliable deliveries and excellent customer service, decreased distribution service costs due to efficient vehicle utilisation.

  • Right stock placement & accurate stock counts
  • Elimination of inter branch transfers
  • Optimal staff productivity
  • Reduced time of product from warehouse to user in the largest geographical market segment
  • Reduction in safety stock & product risk

RTT warehouses are company run using our world class (WMS) Intelligent Warehousing System. By design, RTT is an asset orientated business for the purpose of risk and process controls. RTT is justly proud that it is able to deliver as superior technology based solution that will conform to our clients exacting requirements. It is RTT’s conviction that solutions must be sought from within its own resources and fields of expertise; and as such required solutions and integration demands are well within our expert capabilities.