Stay Postive. Test Negative

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the RTT Group has continuously aligned its operational activities to the directives and legislation issued by the Department of Labour.

This has safeguarded our staff and ensured that our organisation has remained compliant throughout the various levels of Lockdown.

We ask you to join us to continue to stay positive and test negative throughout the year. Together, we can make a positive impact on our clients and on our country.

To keep up to date with all things Covid-19, visit the South African official website here www.sacoronavirus.co.za

Personal Protection Equipment
RTT issued every employee with two cloth facemasks, complying with the standard as set out by the Department of Trade and Industry. Replacement masks have also already been issued to various branches. Some operations were identified as high risk due to deliveries at hospitals, clinics, etc. These operations employees were issued with surgical masks instead. As an additional precaution, face shields were also issued to staff in certain areas of the business where social distancing could not be maintained at all times.

Social distancing
Notices and reminders have been placed throughout all sites, in various working and high traffic areas, to enforce social distancing. Staff who can work from home, have been doing so. This freed up space throughout all buildings to ensure that social distancing could be maintained in the offices for those staff who could not work remotely.

Symptom screening
A Covid-19 symptom screening system is performed on all staff entering company premises and covers all the mandatory questions as required by the Department of Health. Along with the screening, all staff’s temperature is checked before entering any facility.

Hand sanitiser is distributed to all branches and sites regularly. The current hand sanitiser is 75-80% alcohol-based. Sanitising stations have also been placed throughout all branches and areas, with a specific focus on high traffic and movement areas. All drivers are issued with hand sanitisers that are to be used while conducting their deliveries, and processes and systems have been put in place to ensure drivers can refill their sanitisers before they run out.

Vaccination drives
RTT hosted a mobile on-site vaccination centre where more than 2 000 employees received the Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccination. Internal campaigns on the benefits and facts of the Covid-19 vaccination is happening continuously.

Home deliveries
All drivers that are required to conduct home deliveries have been issued with gloves, face masks, and hand sanitizing liquid. Gloves and face masks are to be worn before approaching any client. Our delivery drivers and crew sanitise every step during the delivery process – from handling documentation and consignments to concluding the delivery. Clients have the right to ask drivers to sanitise their hands in front of them. Upon delivery, drivers will place the delivery in front of the client, step away for at least 1.5m and allow the client to inspect and verify their order.