ISO Certification News

By 14 November 2022News

ISO Certification News

In the last few months, RTT has been working on obtaining our IMS (Integrated Management System) certification. Among our IMS certifications are ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management), ISO 45001:2015 (Occupational Health & Safety Management), and ISO 39001:2012 (Road Traffic Safety Management).

By implementing these ISO standards, known as IMS (Integrated Management System), our company is operated more effectively, is able to meet customer expectations and provides our potential customers with the assurance that we have audited quality processes in place.

The certifications are applicable to the following areas:

  • RTT Johannesburg – Cnr Springbok and Jones Road, Bartlett – Conti, Road/Fashion Services, Workshop, and all other functions such as Sales, Procurement, Finance, HR etc.
  • R21 – All contracts currently at Twenty-One Industrial Estate on Purlin Street
  • Conti KZN – Dinkelman Road, New Germany
  • RTT KZN – Riverhorse Valley
  • RTT Cape Town – All contracts currently at Trans Karoo Str, Cnr Robert Sobukwe Rd &, Radnor St, Parow Industrial
  • RTT Port Elizabeth – Deal Party

Thank you to all of the teams that participated in the auditing process and supported us to reach this milestone. A special thank you goes out to the SHEQ team who pulled everyone together and drove the outcomes. Whilst this is just the beginning of our journey, we know that with your continued support and hard work that we will continue to build a world class integrated management system.