RTT understands and appreciates that customer excellence is part of your total brand experience.

Full Customer Experience

RTT continues to develop and innovate more than just fine distribution and industry specific optimisation initiatives – we have been defining and creating strategic value in the supply chain model overall.

RTT understand and appreciate that customer excellence is part of your total brand experience. It inspires loyalty - and, thus, on-going sales and greater growth. RTT provides specialised expertise tailored to our client’s needs and our experienced national team is available to help, analyse and evaluate your needs. After implementation, they manage the process on a daily basis, always in the spirit of the full customer experience. RTT are committed to the importance of reinvention and intrinsically understand that the ability to change is one of the biggest indicators for RTT’s success.

The RTT Group are a complete service and systems integration, the unique differentiator in our Intelligent Logistics portfolio including but not limited to distribution to all local, main and outlying customers; cross-border deliveries in neighbouring services and returns logistics for backdoor rejections and upliftments. RTT share long-standing, successful strategic partnerships with their valued customers. With the implementation of a number industry leading innovations that significantly contribute to their customer’s ability to develop business within untapped consumer markets, competitively gain new business from opposition and profitably secure their current customer base. These initiatives allow RTT and their customers to operate as partnerships with agility in an ever changing economic and business climate; with efficiency and profitability. RTT specialised daily operations caters for multiple solutions geared towards specific delivery types as well as accommodating current structures to deliver a best-in-customer experience.

RTT Warehousing

As an extended service offering, RTT has invested in the facilities and resources to provide warehousing capabilities for our clients who require such an outsourced solution. RTT warehouses are run using our world class (WMS) Intelligent Warehousing System.

The benefits of outsourced warehousing include:

  • Improved service levels
  • Correct stock placement and accurate stock counts
  • Elimination of inter branch transfers
  • Optimal staff productivity
  • Reduced time of product from warehouse to user
  • Reduction in safety stock and product risk