Positive stories from Stay Positive. Test Negative.

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Positive stories from Stay Positive. Test Negative.

I share my story as a survivor of the Covid-19. I tested positive in September 2020 which came as a surprise as I had done everything to my knowledge and power to ensure I was safe at all-times. I fought through this with my focus on God and a positive mind set which wasn’t easy as there were times that I just felt like giving up with being isolated in my bedroom.

I am especially grateful for the support I got from my family and friends, including my director Vanni Contaldi who took the time to send me medication and call me to check up on me, my sales manager Maria Scarcella who called and messaged me every day of my isolation and my branch manager Riana Louw who also took the time to check up on me. This gave me the assurance that I belonged to a company that cared for my well-being and gave me the ease to focus on getting better in order to return back to work at 110%.

My encouragement to you is testing positive is not the end of your life. Believe that you can and will get better and all you need to do is be calm, take your medication and vitamins and rest. Do not allow negative people, media and news into your healing process but replace that with spiritual upliftment and only positive messages.

You are more than a Conqueror.
Lorenzo Nareen

The Covid19 pandemic has been with us for almost a year. During this time, I had to head up our response to the pandemic at Courierit and make plans to keep our people, clients and operations safe. I was intimately involved in the decision making and implementation of our Group plans. Yet, in a strange way the pandemic (and its consequences) remained somewhat academic and (to be frank) overrated to me. Yes, people (and friends) got sick but they all overcame it with relative ease.

All of this changed in December 2020. Suddenly we faced 22 new cases at our Head Office and even as I typed my December message to my colleagues, I was unknowingly already infected. When the symptoms manifested, it was unlike anything I have previously experienced.

Doing the right thing, I immediately went for a test. Perplexingly, it came back negative. Yet the symptoms persisted, and I decided to test again. Negative again! Finally, in the second week of my symptoms I was tested for a third time. This time it came back positive.

My symptoms ranged from gastro, extreme exhaustion (I just wanted to sleep the whole time) to extremely sensitive skin and shortness of breath. In the context of my normal day to day health, this was very debilitating.

I am normally very healthy and have a very good immune system.

For me to be sick for more than a day is not normal. Yet here I was, virtually bedridden. The turn came for me when my breathing patterns changed. I panicked and arranged for oxygen, only to realise that my mind was the actual cause of my anxiety, not my breathing. This was due to the fact that we are conditioned by everything we read and hear through social media and the news. When I made the mind shift, my health followed suit.

Now I am completely healed and have been blessed not to have any lingering symptoms.

My message to you is:
1) Take care of what you think and read and watch. Your mind guides your health more than you can imagine
2) Take care of your immune system – Take your vitamins and supplements daily whether you have Covid or not!
3) Wear your mask and keep social distancing. The time you are investing now will translate into a healthier and safer tomorrow
4) Finally, we have your back – You are part of a team and your team cares about you.
Vanni Contaldi

Be grateful for what you got. Fight the good fight, and you will win the race of victory. There is hope for those who win the race of victory. There is hope for those who stand up. It is not how you fail or fall – it’s how you get up and fight the good fight.
Juan-Jacques Vermeulen

I was admitted to hospital last year between the 7-11 December 2020. I tested negative for Covid-19, and have been properly diagnosed. Thank you, Natalie, for being so strict with us continuously. May everyone stay positive and test negative.
Elmari Schlebusch

In July 2020, I lost my beloved brother – who was then employed by RTT. He celebrated his 10-year long service with the
company in May 2020. I then began changing how I see things and realised how important it is to keep a positive mindset
and continue to be grateful in the midst of the current deadly pandemic and the so-called “new normal.
Kabelo Seleme