RTT Turns 40

By 15 December 2020June 7th, 2021News

RTT Turns 40.

2020, has in many ways been the most defining time of our generation. It has forced humankind to respond to what is truly important in all of our lives. It has shown mankind’s duty to one another. No other moment in our life times has underscored the importance of working together for a common purpose. This year is a special year for RTT: We turned 40!

Today though, we are thinking much more about RTT’s future than its past. The entire world of logistics and our place in it as specialist supply chain group is evolving faster in the next 10 years than it ever has before. Which means that delivering on our customer promises will be more important than ever before. We have come of age. The commitment & dedication of our people has built a once in a generation company.

Our footprint is beyond the regions & territories we reach everyday but rather that we have enabled over 200 companies in our lifetime to compete & grow in their respective industries by ensuring that they have their goods on time every time. Our story is part of the growth & development of Africa’s strongest economy. The work that we do through our industry leading divisions of RTT Distribution, RTT Style, CourierIT, Warehousing and On Demand, impacts the lives of millions of consumers across the SADC region every singe day. If it’s true that life begins at 40 – then we have a lot to look forward to.

In the coming years, we have committed ourselves to add value to and be a strategic partner to our clients who demand world-class, specialist logistics in Pharmaceutical, Fashion, Express Deliveries as well as Warehousing & Distribution. Our ability to adapt to our clients’ changing needs, roll-out the best technologies and innovative solutions that allow our customers to better reach their customers is our number 1 focus moving forward.

So join us as we take you on a journey into the heart and soul of RTT. In the coming months we are going to tell the story of RTT through the extraordinary people that have helped us come of age. Our communication efforts through all of our channels including social media are going to be dedicated to telling the story of what we believe is South Africa’s best kept secret in the specialist logistics sector. Our aim is to create a conversation of excellence and along the way hopefully inspire and educate future talent, entrepreneurs, enterprise companies, our own clients & stakeholders about what we’re passionate about – excellence in specialist logistics.

CEO RTT Group – Gavin Rimmer

Divisional Sales Executive ORION ILS Logistics – Maldon Lazarus

Managing Executive ORION ILS Logistics – Nelson Teixeira

Group Executive Distribution & On-Demand RTT Group – Rudi Keet