RTT Contract Logistics Comes Out Tops

By 9 May 2023News

RTT Contract Logistics Comes Out Tops!

We are thrilled to announce that RTT Contract Logistics’ DC1 Facility in Elandsfontein boasts a Grade A rating, following an inspection conducted by the South African Pharmacy Council. The rating is the highest possible standard that a pharmacy can obtain – an outstanding achievement for RTT.

The main objective of the inspectorate of the South African Pharmacy Council is to monitor the standards of Good Pharmacy Practice in pharmacies by way of regular inspections. This allows for the identified shortcomings to be rectified, thereby ensuring that the public is provided with a comprehensive pharmaceutical service of an acceptable standard.

Grading is calculated using a weighted inspection questionnaire, where the below criteria is assessed. RTT received full marks on all of the below.

  • Access control, safety and security in the pharmacy
  • Continuing professional development and training
  • Control of medicines, scheduled substances and active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Pharmacy details
  • Pharmacy premises and layout
  • Pharmacy staffing
  • Products which may not be sold in a pharmacy
  • References
  • Registration details
  • Schedule 5 and 6 medicines, scheduled substances and active ingredients
  • Storage area
  • Storage of medicines
  • Thermolabile medicines
  • Written standard operating procedures

We would like to congratulate the staff involved in this process for their extraordinary effort in making this achievement a reality.

We look forward to continuing to offer a high-quality service to our clients that supports them to achieve their results.